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Our company has successfully developed vinyl chloride compressor for large process flow

Our company has successfully developed vinyl chloride compressor for large process flow

Recently, the vinyl chloride compressor undertook by Kaishan Compressor Co., Ltd. has successfully completed the factory air load test through the cooperation of various departments. The technical parameters meet the design requirements and are unanimously approved by the design institute and the end user. The unit will be sent to the site in the near future.

This vinyl chloride compressor made by Kaishan compressor belongs to the large-scale process of vinyl chloride screw compressor, vinyl chloride (Vinyl chloride) is a widely used in polymer chemical industry is an important unit, can be made from ethylene or acetylene. Vinyl chloride is a toxic substance, which belongs to the highest level in the classification of petrochemical toxic medium - extremely hazardous medium. It forms an explosive mixture with air. The explosive limit is 4% - 22% (volume), and it is more likely to explode under pressure. Vinyl chloride compressors must be manufactured according to a series of strict national and industrial standards and safety specifications. In this unit, we have implemented the stringent American API standards and the relevant standards of the Ministry of Chemical Industry. We have designed a number of safety protection measures for the compressors, including anti-leakage, anti-static, and safe replacement, so that the compressors are in normal operation. Operation, emergency shutdown, on-line operation, shutdown maintenance and other stages to ensure that vinyl chloride gas does not leak to the outside world, do not contact with staff, to avoid the harm caused by vinyl chloride leakage to the human body.

During the manufacturing process, the designers and manufacturers of Kaishan Compressor Company have overcome many difficulties. During the on-the-spot inspection, we found that the base material of vinyl chloride filter manufactured by a cooperative factory matched with us was seriously depressed, weld seam undercut, wrong edge, and some hammer striking marks. Many weld seams were not well formed, so the users should pay attention to them. For this reason, Kaishan Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. of Kaishan Compressor Company undertook this key technical project, organized the company's most capable team of technicians day and night construction, only in 5 days on high standards, high quality. The qualified filters were sent to the installation site of the vinyl chloride unit and checked and accepted at one time. The compressor was able to complete the test on time, and accumulated experience for the pressure vessel company to manufacture similar products.

This project vinyl chloride compressor set rated power 1120 kW, a single machine flow rate of 7000 Nm3 / h, using high-voltage motor direct drive. The unit adopts the structure of two pry blocks, the core components of the compressor system - compressor, lubricating oil system, electrical instrument and control system placed in the main pry, auxiliary system arranged in the auxiliary ski. The system adopts multi-stage oil-gas separation technology, making the exhaust oil content less than 1 mg/m3, ensuring that the downstream vinyl chloride treatment process is not affected by lubricating oil. Compressor system is equipped with a comprehensive instrument and monitoring system, which can timely feed back to users DSC unit operation status and control point data, through reliable alarm and interlocking system to ensure the safe operation of the unit.

With the progress of process innovation and equipment industry, vinyl chloride compressors, which are widely used in chlor-alkali industry, have undergone continuous evolution and development from reciprocating compressor to small general screw compressor to large-scale process screw compressor. The successful delivery of vinyl chloride screw compressor sets marks that Kaishan Compressor Company has picked a pearl on the crown of compressor manufacturing industry. It is another milestone in the gas compressor industry of Zhejiang Kaishan Compressor Co. Ltd. It will greatly promote the large-scale, standardized and industrialized development of equipment in this field. China's chlor alkali industry has made contributions to the technical upgrading, equipment upgrading and safe operation of the compressor.