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The ZD132 type fully hydraulic drilling jumbo has been successfully tested and completed the first sale

The ZD132 type fully hydraulic drilling jumbo has been successfully tested and completed the first sale

From March 10 to May 20, ZD132 fully hydraulic tunneling rig was successfully tested in Yichang, and all the data met the design requirements. The working section was 4.5m*3.5m, the diameter of the drill was 42 mm, the length of the drill pipe was 3660 mm, and the average drilling speed was 1.5 m/min, reaching the same level as the world famous brand of similar drilling rigs. Successful test, on-site acceptance of customers gave unanimous praise, which marks Kaishan has successfully completed the sale of the first drilling rig.

ZD132 full hydraulic tunneling drilling rig is the first model of Kaishan Group to realize transformation and upgrading relying on independent innovation. The first drill truck was unveiled at Kai Shan Group's 2013 annual marketing conference in December 11, 2012. The design of ZD132 fully hydraulic drilling jumbo is based on high starting point, high performance and high stability. The drilling rig adopts the walking hydraulic system, the drilling arm system, the propeller system and the frame structure of the famous international company products, which ensures the stability of the whole drilling rig working system. The drilling rig adopts the same design of a well-known company's drilling arm system, positioning accurate, fast, easy to operate, wide range of translation mechanism, drilling rig uses aluminum alloy thruster which can turn 360 degrees, light weight, good strength, effectively eliminating the blind area within the working range, can carry out 360 degrees of anchoring operation; drilling rig hydraulic system mining; With imported hydraulic components, the reliability of the drilling truck is fully guaranteed. Most importantly, the drilling rig is equipped with DZYG32 hydraulic rock drill with independent intellectual property rights, which ensures the high efficiency of drilling, effectively controls over-excavation and greatly reduces the follow-up workload. The average working time of each working section is ZD132 3h, a foreign brand 2.5 - 3H.

The comparison of industrial tests from March 10, 2013 to May 20th is as follows:

Comparative data:

 Drill car

Borehole diameter

Drill rod length

Propelling length

Average chisel speed

Motor power



Three thousand six hundred and sixty

Three thousand and four hundred



A foreign brand


Three thousand and seven hundred

Three thousand and two hundred



With the improvement of operational proficiency, there is room for further improvement. Compared with foreign similar products, Kaishan ZD132 full hydraulic tunneling drilling rig has the characteristics of low energy consumption, fast drilling speed, wide working face and so on. All these have been recognized by the field customers and dealers. At the same time, Kaishan ZD132 full hydraulic tunneling drilling rig has successfully completed the first sale.

The first ZD132 full hydraulic drilling rig has been successfully tested and sold, which will lay a solid foundation for the further development of the company.