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Kai Shan silver wheel successfully developed 15KW screw expander

Kai Shan silver wheel successfully developed 15KW screw expander

Recently, a breakthrough has been made in the trial-production of a 15KW screw expander generator using the cooling water heat of the cylinder liner of a diesel engine developed jointly by Kaishan and Yinlun. Recent test results: the prototype steam flow 350 kg per hour, power generation capacity is 15.6 kW, screw speed 1515 revolutions, fully meet the design requirements.

At present, this project mainly recycles the heat in the cooling water of the diesel engine cylinder liner. The ORC-organic Rankine cycle principle is used to match the main parts of the project. The semi-closed ORC screw expander generator produced by Kaishan and the plate heat exchanger developed by Silver Wheel Co. are used to add the refrigerant in the power generation system with the heat in the cooling water of the cylinder liner. Heat makes it vaporized and expanded into kinetic energy, which drives the expansion generator and eventually transforms it into electrical energy.

The project was established with the project team at the end of 2012. The first phase of welding and assembly began in late March this year. The project team and the Silver Wheel Headquarters assisted the engineers to work together. Mr. Tang came to the scene for guidance. After a month's hard work, the project made a breakthrough in late April. At present, the project team has begun the second phase of the project development, the second phase is the first phase of the use of diesel engine liner cooling water power generation on the basis of the use of diesel engine exhaust gas power generation, that is, two sets of systems at the same time power generation. Maximizing the utilization of waste heat and minimizing its own power consumption will bring power generation to a higher level.

At this stage, heat source steam preheating power generation has been developed successfully. Although the market development business needs to be cultivated slowly, the market prospect of the project is very broad. If the project is successfully popularized and utilized, the heat directly emitted from the diesel engine in operation can be recycled and converted into clean energy - electric energy. China's economy is growing rapidly, and great achievements have been made in various construction projects. But it has also paid a huge price for resources and environment. The contradiction between economic development and resources and environment is becoming increasingly acute. Only by adhering to economical, clean and safe development can we achieve sound and rapid economic development. At the same time, global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions has attracted wide attention of the international community. Further strengthening energy conservation and emission reduction is also an urgent need to address global climate change, and is our responsibility.

The success of this project indicates that we have taken another step in the process of transformation and upgrading. The goal of "upgrade energy-saving and environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises unswervingly, and accelerate the transformation of Kaishan Group into a new energy company" put forward to the company leadership has taken another step. Energy saving will be the core technology advantage and energy efficiency will be the basis of production and operation. It is based on this concept, the company found the diesel engine waste heat recovery business opportunities, and Yuchai high-level contact immediately after the match, and then the project cooperation and research and development.

According to the data provided by Yuchai Group, the annual sales of marine diesel engines produced by Yuchai Group alone exceed 200 KW reach 20,000 to 30,000. The waste heat power generation of diesel engines has a broad market prospect and can produce good economic and social benefits.

In addition, the unit can also be applied to photothermal power generation. The 15 kW screw expansion generator is expected to be delivered to a photothermal equipment manufacturer later this month, becoming a key core equipment for photothermal power generation.