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    WJD-1.5 Underground electric scraaper

    As people pay more attention to environmental protection, the discharge requirements of underground scrapers are getting higher and higher. The application of the electric motor on the scraper realizes zero emission of exhaust gas and fundamentally solves the problem of exhaust gas emission. The automatic reeling system maintains the cable tension in an appropriate range and increases the service life of the cable. The extra-long cable design increases the working range of the scraper. The central hinged belt locking device makes the equipment more secure and reliable during maintenance.

    1. Detailed information



    bucket capacity 


    rated  load 


         max shovel force


         max traction force


    min unload distance


    max unload height 


    climb capacity(full load) 


    min turning radius

    Outside  5000mm   

    inside   2800mm

    Max steering angle(left/right)


    departure angle


    walking speed(two way)


    motor model/power



    braking system


    Work and brake integrated, adopt spring brake. hydraulic realese brake